Bikers unite against family violence

By Numia Ponika-Rangi

Every six minutes, the New Zealand Police answer a domestic abuse callout.

Every five weeks, a New Zealand child is killed by a family member.

Shine Children's Charity is getting the message out there with close to 100 motorbikes convoying in Auckland for a ride against violence today.

Leathered men on Harley Davidsons isn't how you would usually describe charity supporters.

Thanks to kids charity "Shine", Auckland's motorbike community is out in full-force.

Grant Bret of Shine says,“If I can help in any way, help children basically become better people without violence in their own homes as they grow up later on in life then I think I've achieved something.”

According to Shine, NZ has some of the world’s worst statistics of family violence.

Natasha Stowers says. “Because people don't want to know what's happening in NZ, so it's better to block your ears and cover your eyes with the violence that happens in NZ.”

Many are seasoned riders.

One of the participants says, “It's always a good time to get out on the motorbike and do things, and when it's a good cause like you know violence against kids, hey why not, this is what it's all about to be fair.”

You can show your support by donating at their website at