Bilingual apps share pūrākau from wahine view

By Te Ao - Māori News

Aho Wahine is a series of interactive bilingual apps that breathe new life into the traditional stories of Aotearoa, interpreting them from a female point of view.

The apps are produced by the cultural creative agency ‘Kiwa Digital’, in collaboration with a group of Māori storytellers, artists, musicians, translators and narrators.

“It’s about modernising the traditional stories in a way that’s relevant to rangatahi and whanau,” executive Steve Renata says.

These interactive apps are the result of a partnership with the Media Design School and Copyright Licensing NZ. Renata hopes such apps can not only help revitalise Te Reo but normalise it, even among non-Māori.

“We want to give young Māori, especially wāhine, role models to look up to.

“We also want to engage non-Māori to engage with Te Reo Māori through technology.”