Bill introduced to combat cyber bullying

By Te Ao Māori News

A girl was said to be intoxicated and underage when three boys from a group known as the Roast Busters set out to have sex with her.

She felt like she was treated as doll!

The group of boys boast online about their sexual conquests before naming and shaming the girls.

Police say they have interviewed a number of the boys' victims and yesterday re-interviewed two of the group.

Still the police haven't received any formal complaints from any of the girls involved and that makes it difficult to take it any further.

John Key says, “We're trying to put in some legislation that would give us some more power to say that behaviour is wrong and actually legally we can stop it”.

Justice Minister Judith Collins believes the Harmful Communications Bill will give victims the help they need to lay a complaint.

She is shocked by the behaviour and hopes, one day these boys will reflect on what they did when they have daughters of their own.

The Roast Busters' Facebook page has since been removed, but now a new page has been set up calling for the boys to be imprisoned.

If the proposed bill passes, cyber bullies could face up to three months in jail or be fined up to $2000.

Victims will also find it easier to have harmful material taken down.