BJJ Champ looks to grow women’s ranks

New Zealand Brazilian Jiu Jitsu(BJJ) Middleweight Champion Krissy Hunter is so passionate about growing the sport for women in New Zealand, that she's holding free women’s classes.

Hunter has devoted the last six years to BJJ and she hasn't looked back since, “I have two small children, and I just wanted to be able to protect them, and protect myself,” says Hunter.

Over the years she’s racked up more than 60 fights, recently winning gold in Australia and New Zealand, she's now reached purple belt.

Her big goals are, “to go to worlds for each belt I’ve got and I want to be as best as I can, but also I want as many to join as well”.

So to encourage more women into the sport and grow the limited female fighting pool, she's offering free weekly classes to women.

“I teach free women’s classes on Sundays, just to get women interested and every Saturday in May I’m hosting free self-defence classes out South Auckland to try and get women involved,” said Hunter.

She has noticed a surge of white belts coming through the ranks and hopes to see more in the coming years.