Black Ferns sevens teams prepare for Sydney sevens

By D'Angelo Martin

After a historic home victory at the HSBC New Zealand Sevens, the Black Ferns Sevens now turn their attention to the week ahead as they prepare to depart for the HSBC Sydney Sevens in Australia later on today. Captain Sarah Hirini says the hype from the weekend for the black ferns is still relevant.

"Really happy with the result but also the atmosphere of the crowd like I'm still living off that moment."

They're looking to carry over that momentum into the next competition in Sydney this coming weekend.

"It's great we've done this plenty of times, [sic] we know what we need to do. The girls have their own preparation that once you get to a tournament like I suppose it's business time that we're ready to perform again."

Stacey Fluhler who was seen as a star player in the Hamilton series scoring ten tries says her performance was a tribute to her whānau and friends who showed their ultimate support for her and the girls in the series in Hamilton.

"We actually have whānau coming over to watch us in Sydney. We have whānau already there, a lot of friends. It's only across the ditch so I will try to make it a home tournament." 

With only having one week of recovery before they're back on the field, Hirini remains confident that the Black Ferns can still get the job done.

"We obviously go out there and want to win everything that we can and if we don't then we're pretty disappointed in ourselves. So we know we have a lot to improve on in the weekend. Some games were amazing and some parts of the games weren't so much." 

The team will arrive in Sydney later on tonight, and training for this weekends tournament will start tomorrow