Black Slate's special connection to Aotearoa

Black Slate: (L-R) Anthony Brightly, Desmond Mahoney and Chris Hanson.

Well-known reggae band Black Slate has arrived in Aotearoa to produce a documentary on their life and special relationship with New Zealand. 

The band says Aotearoa has contributed to their success.

Anthony 'Pure Silk' Brightly says they're retracing their original tour to Aotearoa because it had a major influence on them.

"That kind of love has kept us together". 

He says, "New Zealand and the Māori community played a very large role in that."

The group launched in the 80s and while they're here they'll interview people who have followed the band since their inception.

This is only their third visit to our shores since their first tour here in 1981 where they sold out at most of their 12 shows.

One of their most famous songs is Amigo.