Black Sox support the call for more funding

By Te Ao Māori News

This comes after the team won the world championship for the sixth time. Now, they want an increase to the $450,000 in funding they receive every year.

The Black Sox are now one of the most successful sports teams in New Zealand history after downing Venezuela, 4-1 in the World Cup final.

The NZ side feel it's high time their sporting body was given further funding.

SPARC's model for funding increases is based on team success, so Softball NZ is confident that the Black Sox can secure more investment.

Strategic and tactic analyst, Craig Soper has a business background and says the sport needs to broaden its commercial perspective.

The players only received a very modest fee for representing NZ this year and while they may have the commercial draw card similar to that of rugby or league, they have definitely proven that they are capable of coming out on top.