Blues' training gets underway with Marshall onboard

The road starts now for the 2014 Blues squad, day one of pre-season training.

There's no gain without pain, so the boys will be tested both physically and mentally over the next three weeks.

Blues defender Wally Rifle says, "It’s team unity, team leadership, team building and things like that but just around hitting some fitness stuff at the same time so we get two things achieved by this side of Christmas.”

Benji says he was quite nervous this morning about his first team meeting with his new team mates and of course the yo-yo test, but he's ready.

“It's been five years since I’ve had a good break mentally, to have the last 6 weeks of just doing nothing and resting mentally more than anything refreshing and it's just great to be home"

Most of the squad was present today, but the All Blacks and the Māori All Blacks players are still on their break.

While it was hard yakka today, the boys are happy to get their 2014 season underway.

The Blues dropped off the pace towards the end of this season, so they won't want to repeat that in the New Year.