Body found in Waitārere beach area

updated By Ripeka Timutimu

Searchers looking for missing 10-year-old boy Alex Fisher have located a body in the Waitārere Forest.

Police have reason to believe the body is that of Fisher who went missing on Monday. He was last seen in Waitārere, a beachside community near Levin.

According to Inspector Sarah Stewart, “Although it is still subject to a formal identification we have reason to believe this is Alex Fisher.”

Stewart told media the body was spotted by helicopter around 1pm and later located on the ground. A spokesperson for local iwi, Muaupoko, says the community has banded together at this sad time.

Marokopa Matakatea says, “It aint the first time people have been lost around here, there have been three or four mate here.”

Police say the circumstances of his death are suspicious and will launch a homicide inquiry.

Police continue to ask the public to come forward if they saw Alex and his brother Eric with information to help in their investigation.