Bodybuilders take centre stage at NZIFBB competition - Feature

By Tamati Tiananga

Bodybuilding is a sport of measuring inches of muscle, muscle size, symmetry and proportion of muscle.

For the individual, it is a sport in which a muscular figure is developed over endless hours of lifting weighting.

This is a difficult task for people to accomplish but with perseverance anything is possible.

The National NZIFBB bodybuilding competition attracted 161 contestants from throughout NZ all competing to be crowned NZ's Champions 2014, with many of this year's top entrants being of Māori heritage.

Competitors included the likes of Tiare Tawera (Tūhoe), the journey to get to this point has been the toughest he has ever experienced which began almost five years ago.

In 2009, Tiare decided to change his life style, the young role model for Māori that presented the award-winning children's Māori language show Pūkana felt his image was fading mainly due to unhealthy lifestyle so he made the decision to change to be a good role model for his daughter Owairea Tawera.

The once male dominated sport has also become popular among women they now share a place on stage which includes a new section; the bikini short and tall. 

Now all the winners this year will prepare for the Arnold Classic next year in Australia.