BOP Young Māori Farmer finalist's dream

2018 Ahuwhenua Young Māori Farmer of the Year finalist Harepaora Ngaheu wants to own his own farm in ten years. 

Currently he is a farm manager in Waiohau and is working hard to make a sustainable future for his family.

Ngahue says, “Aisha, my partner and my two beautiful girls- they are the reason we are here today and where we are headed into the future”.

Harepaora manages a farm in Waiohau and says he hopes to implement new farming techniques.

“We have a lot of Māori Trust farms that can take the first step by looking after all our waterways, by fencing them all off and making sure nitrogen leaching is to a minimal”.

Harepaora was introduced to farming after doing 6 weeks work experience in 2013.

During that time his goal was to become a farm manager which he did in 2016.

That same year he was a finalist for the young Māori farmer award.  Despite not winning he's in there again and says he has more experience.

“My main goal out of this trophy is to inspire other Māori to come into our agriculture industry- hopefully run our own Māori farms- because there are a lot of Māori farms out there that have all these Pākeha running them”.

Harepaora is one of three finalists in the Māori Young Farmer of the Year section.

The awards will take place this Friday in Christchurch.