Boxer George ready to take down gatekeeper

By Ruth Smith, Tamati Tiananga

Tainui fighter Cairo George will make a return to the ring with a match in Singapore facing boxer Robert Kopa Palue on the Roar of Singapore 5 boxing event. 

George says a victory against the Indonesian fighter will open doors to a match-up against top ranked fighters.

He is looking to make a grand entry in his highly anticipated boxing match.

“I'm fighting against the Indonesian lightweight champ.  The guys had a lot more experience than me in the ring and in boxing, in this professional game, but, he's a guy that gets beaten at that top level.  So, to prove that I'm at that top level this is a good opponent for me to face,” he says.

The 27 year-old fighter believes that if he can cause an upset against the more experienced opponent it will unlock the door to a possible fight against incredible opponents of the code.

“He stands in the way of getting my ranking push through to that next level.  I look at him as a gatekeeper because he gets beaten by guys that are at that level, so he's kind of the gatekeeper to pass into that next level of guys.  It’s a good fight for me to take because I feel like I am at that next level,” says George.

The Hamilton-based fighter doesn't fall short of training partners.  In preparation for his fight, George has called on current UFC fighter Luke Jumeau and local fighter Matt Vaile.

George made his debut in 2012 against Saili Tofilau.  He has gone on to build an impressive record 15 wins and only one loss.

But the top New Zealand welterweight boxer says it hasn't been an easy journey.

George is open to a possible fight here on home soil, but for now all focus is on his upcoming match on the 29th September in Singapore.