Boxing trainer raises his fists to give people hope

updated By D'Angelo Martin

Boxing trainer Albie Roebeck has started his attempt to break the current Guinness World Record for the Longest Punchbag Marathon which currently stands at 55 hours. Roebeck who overcame depression is taking on the challenge in hope to raise awareness around mental health. 

Albie Roebeck is aiming to box for 60 hours straight.

As the sweat continues to build up on this boxer.

A sign of hard work, But Roebeck knows the goal he set out to accomplish is a while away

“The body is starting to take a turn but we will nurse as we go on. Quite honestly it was a mental challenge a couple of hours ago just because a lack of sleep I've only had a total twenty-eight-minute sleep so far over the past thirty hours.”

He started the challenge yesterday to raise awareness around mental health. He tries to land two punches on the bag within one second. Earlier today he managed to pass the thirty-hour mark for the challenge

“I get 5 min rest every hour I do on the bag, and I've scheduled along the line of five-hour urs at a time, to get a twenty-five minute rest period for sleep a couple of two-hour slots to get something to eat."

The aim is to raise $10,000 and that goal isn't far off. Kayla Cherrington, Roebecks partner, says the support given has definitely been a contributing factor for him to continue with the challenge

Cherrington says, “When I last checked it was just over seven and a half thousand, this morning when I come in it was just over seven so it's been really good.”

Roebeck says, “There have been people you know from our workplace people that I've never met before and people like yourselves for highlighting the cause so yeah I appreciate everything.”

Roebeck has until tomorrow to break the Guinness world record but remains confident that by him doing this challenge it gives hope to somebody else.

As of 24 October Roebeck went on to break the record as shown here.