Breakers to release documentary on unprecedented season

By Mare Haimona-Riki

The Sky Sport Breakers are set to release their brand new documentary, '#UNBREAKABLE 154 days, next month.

The five-part docu-series follows the team behind the scenes during their unprecedented NBL 2021 season filled with drama on all fronts.

“This documentary is a conscious effort on our part to show how the Breakers operate behind the scenes in an open and honest manner,” says owner Matt Walsh.

When the team decided to document their 2021 season, they hoped it would simply capture unforgettable moments on their path to a fifth championship.

However, things quickly took a dramatic turn when the Covid-19 pandemic forced the team to leave New Zealand and play 29 consecutive games across 154 days on the road in Australia, while moving home-bases an unimaginable nine times.

“It’s a story of resilience, adversity, the sacrifices athletes make for their love of the sport, and, most importantly, it’s an unfiltered window into the ups and downs, highs and lows and mental health battles real athletes go through.”

#UNBREAKABLE 154 Days trailer. Source / Facebook 

The story makes for riveting viewing as each player is tested by the mental demands of living on the road for more than five months. Nothing is off-limits as the series examines such hot-button issues as:

  • The effects of the media targeting Tom Abercrombie’s family after his wife and children followed government procedure and were given MIQ exemptions to return to New Zealand from Australia. 
  • Lamar Patterson talks candidly about turning up overweight, the pressure to perform while unfit, the ignominy of being dropped, and his sudden departure mid-season.
  • A rift between Tall Blacks Centre Rob Loe and some of his teammates when he abruptly leaves for personal reasons, and the team dynamic when he re-joins the Breakers later in the season. 
  • Tai Webster discloses he became a father for the first time during the season and the mental ramifications of missing the birth by staying with the Breakers in Australia.
  • Corey Webster undergoes secret surgery on his knee mid-season and the infamous incident where he severed a nerve in his hand cutting an avocado. 

#UNBREAKABLE 154 Days, the story of the Breakers’ unprecedented NBL21 Season in Australia, will screen on Sky Sport this year.