Brown Buttabean unleashes on Maka during stand-off

updated By Tamati Tiananga

Joseph Parker has weighed in for his upcoming boxing clash with American Jason Pettaway tomorrow. 

But when undercard fighters, Brown Buttabean and his opponent, Finau Maka weighed in things got out of control.

Brown Buttabean Dave Letele says, “I did disrespect him so bring it to me tomorrow, use it to motivate him, he is going to need it against the Bean”.

Finau Maka said, “He grabbed on the neck that's all I can remember like pushing me back.”

“Dave Letele says, "I looked at his face he was smiling he wasn't taking it seriously, I wanted to wipe that smile of his face."

Finau Maka says, “With us we like to respect our opponent but at the same time there is a limit that's how we a brought up in the Tongan community we can't let someone make you look like a fool.”

Despite the altercation, main event fighter, Joseph Parker remains focused on his fight against Jason Pettaway.