Brutal force a common theme in Fiji

Escaping military dictatorship in Fiji is what brought Nik Naidu and his wife to New Zealand.

He says in New Zealand “life is pretty good, the main thing in life I always believe is freedom.”

Under Frank Bainimarama, freedom is something the Fijian people have very little of due to the huge amount of suppression placed on them, with many still living in fear.

Mr Naidu says “as long as you don't rock the boat you'll be okay, but if you do, the consequences can be quite dire.”

This footage shows two handcuffed men being brutally beaten and abused by the authorities.

Naidu is not surprised by the video, who says the culture of violence in prison and among police has existed for decades.

He says “it's not anything new, a lot of people who are picked up off the street or taken in are subject to that sort of treatment.

Although Fijian police have vowed to establish the facts around the incident, Nik runs the risk of being locked up himself for speaking out next time he returns to Fiji, but he says it's a risk he is willing to take.

Reporter:  Aroha Treacher