Bully Free Brovember campaign aims to make NZ communities safer

The "Bully Free Brovember" campaign kicks off around New Zealand this weekend.  The aim is to reduce bullying and to offer a safe community to thrive in.

In Rotorua, Te Waiariki Purea Trust worker and supporter of the campaign Waereti Paraki says that this issue not only targets youth but the wider communities.

“Zero tolerance for bullying, name calling, and put downs, violence, abuse of all sorts,” Paraki explains.

Bully Free Brovember begins this Saturday with the hope of spreading the anti-bullying message, 'Bully Free Bro'.

The target audience the Waiariki Purea Trust worker hopes to attract is Māori youth.

Bully Free Brovember also ties into the Waiariki Purea Trust's White Ribbon stand against violence and the key message both groups hope to get across is to make our community safe.