Bumper-to-bumper as essential travellers flee Auckland

By Te Ao - Māori News

Traffic out of Auckland has been crawling bumper-to-bumper "for hours" as essential travellers escape the Super City.

Māori governance leader Matthew Tukaki told Te Ao Māori News he has been stuck in traffic from Auckland to Huntly for nearly four hours.

Tukaki is an essential traveller heading to Wellington for whānau in intensive care.

"The roads are packed, absolutely packed," said Tukaki.

"My god, I’m just surprised at how many people are trying to get out and I’ve got an exemption letter."

Reports have been made that traffic heading north from Auckland is also backed up as far as the Brenderwyn Hills on State Highway One.

Police have put in place eight checkpoints around Auckland to ensure there is no non-essential movement around the region.

Public wondering around the region will also be stopped by police to ensure they are aware of the Covid-19 restrictions that are now in place.

Police Commissioner have moved quickly to ensure the public is safe from the recent Covid-19 outbreak in Auckland.

"We are once again asking the public be safe and abide by the alert level restrictions for their region.

"In Auckland, we will continue to be visible and provide assurance to the community, and to checkpoints around the region’s Super City boundaries."

Matthew Tukaki’s message to motorists trying to leave Auckland.

"If you don’t need to be on the road, don’t get on the road."