Business owners seek to incorporate Te Reo in digital products

By Mare Haimona-Riki

A seminar held in Wellington recently focused on the use of Te Reo Māori in the digital sector and had a lot of support.

“We had a full house of people, showing a lot of interest in this topic which is awesome,” says Lauren Skogstad, one of the event organisers.

The event was part of Tech Week, and the focus on language is in conjunction with Maihi Karauna, the government's strategy for Te Reo revitalisation.

“We know that there is a limited understanding on how to apply Te Reo in digital spaces in a way that’s culturally affirming, meaningful, and authentic.

“So that’s why we hosted such a panel with these excellent speakers,” Skogstad says.

One of the speakers, Fiona Cassidy, hopes that bringing business owners together will help them incorporate mātauranga Māori within their products while maintaining authenticity and integrity.