Buttabean Motivation moves into a new home

By James Perry

Having operated out of public areas, including carparks, since they began five years ago, founder Dave Letele is excited about Buttabean Motivation having a place they can call their own. 

Letele has leased a building in Manukau which he hopes to open in the next few weeks. 

He says the idea of having a building wasn't part of the original plan when he started five years, and admits it is a risk. 

"Blessings come, we've taken the step and what's that saying?  Build it and they will come!  So, everything's going to be fine, I think."

He says having a building where some of his more than a thousand followers can work out is more than just a space to exercise. 

"This place, it really just symbolises hope, hope for our people of what's possible if you're willing to work hard and stay consistent." 

For five years, BBM has been holding free bootcamps around Auckland, utilising public spaces such as carparks and parks, and in some cases people’s homes and backyards.

Letele hopes that having an indoor facility, with a flat, clean surface, will create a safer space for the people he works with, including the "From the Couch Crew", who he says consists of people in excess of 300kg.

Before Te Ao Māori News spoke with him today, Letele had held a workout session with that group on the deck of their homes. 

"They're not going to trip, it's level ground," he says.

Letele's own wellbeing will also benefit from the new building.  His day consists of constantly travelling around Auckland City. 

"My gas bill is going to be a lot less," he laughs, "From out west, I went to central, back out west, back to south here, then back out west and now back to south.  That's all before one o'clock.  [Now] I can just come here, I have all my meetings here and I have all our classes here."

With a building comes new costs but Letele doesn't want to lose his cost-free boot camps and is looking for some funding that will help him pay the bills and keep the lights on. 

"We're lucky that we've been able to secure some funding through the Hugh Green Foundation, Sky City and we're hoping that we're be able to secure funding from the Lion Foundation to help us pay for the lease here," he says.

Letele is expecting to be able to welcome people into Buttabean Motivation, Manukau within the next 2-3 weeks.