Buttabean out to put Lam on chopping board

By Tamati Tiananga

Following on from Conrad Lam's comments last night, Dave "Buttabean" Letele is firing back at his opponent. The Auckland boxer says his motives are pure and he's not doing it for the publicity.

"I come with a lot of publicity and a lot of kudos and if he can beat me which he can't he might get a bit of publicity for five minutes,” says Letele aka the Brown Buttabean.

He's ready to face his opponent, Conrad Lam.

"I have trained for these true tests, I am happy I am not fighting a Facebook callout even though Conrad called me out a little while ago but it was in the paper." 

Two years ago, Lam knocked out former NZ Māori player and Blues hooker Slade McFarland. However, Letele isn't fazed at all.

"When I first started my journey I would always go to Mangere Mountain and One Tree Hill, quite spiritual places to Māori people and that is why it feels good here"

Assistant coach John Conway says Buttabean will outclass Lam.

"There is talk about how hard he hits, and it means nothing if you can't find a target to hit. Being a solid boxer that is what you do, you minimise being hit and you hit a person more."

This match-up will be the undercard to the main event between Joseph Parker and Carlos Takam.