Call to boycott Don Brash's speech at Waitangi

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

Mana Party member Hilda Harawira says people who attend the speaker's forum at Te Tii Marae in Waitangi this week should boycott Don Brash’s speech.

“It’s more appropriate to listen to Māori speakers, non-māori and young people who are committed to māori issues and finding solutions for future generations. Why would we provide a space for someone who is racist?”

But the former National leader told Te Kaea he is delighted to have been invited and his speech will include how Ngāpuhi can prosper economically.

Brash has been invited to speak at the Waitangi forum tent this year.

He is the Hobsons Pledge spokesman, a group which campaigns against racial separatism or favouritism under the Treaty of Waitangi.

In 2004 he was pelted with mud at Waitangi by protestors who were angry over the controversial speech he delivered at Orewa.