Call for families to be better off expressed at Koroneihana

By Maiki Sherman

Thousands of Māori have been gathering to celebrate King Tūheitia's Coronation.  Yesterday saw the Prime Minister and Labour Party leader also attend.

There are many different views regarding politics and the coming general election.

However, there was one common theme and that's for families to be better off.   

Labour has long held the seat of Hauraki-Waikato.

One paramedic says Labour's in need of a cure and David Cunliffe is the problem.

John Key's good guy persona is attractive, so what's the feeling around the 'Dirty Politics' allegations?

One member of the public says, “It's a game to them and I don't want to have anything to do with that kind of game.”

Sherylee Matenga says politics should be taught in schools.

It's a sign of the disconnectedness between youth and politics, though, it seems the tide may be turning amongst the next generation.

Kim Dotcom and the rise of Internet-MANA is believed to be part of the pull amongst youth.

For the more mature voters, there's still a soft spot for Winston Peters.