Call for harsher punishment for protection order breaches

updated By Dean Nathan

Harsher punishment is needed for those breaking protection orders of the court.  This from Karen Edwards and her supporters to the Parliamentary Select Committee with the death of her own daughter Ashlee a prime example of the inadequacy of the current law.

There's been no rest for Karen Edwards since the hideous death of her daughter Ashlee, leaving behind two grandchildren for her to care for.

It's been two years and eight months since Ashlee was murdered in the river below this bridge in Whangarei, with the father of her children only recently pleading guilty to her murder.  

Jimmy Akuhata will be sentenced in May for the murder of Ashlee Edwards. But her mum Karen Edwards continues to lobby so that no other family will have to deal with the horrific circumstances.

Over 2000 people have signed the petition calling for harsher penalties to be legislated and Karen says that during this process people are still being affected. 

For now it seems that those under protection orders of the court aren't receiving the proper protection.