Call from Ngāpuhi matriarch for Māori to fight current issues that affect Māori rights

By Dean Nathan

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the day that the Māori Land March arrived at Parliament.  Veteran Māori activist, Titewhai Harawira says it's time for Māori to rise and fight the current issues that continue to affect Māori rights.

Titewhai says, “The hīkoi succeeded in that it woke up.  It made them strong it made them believe that things were possible.  And out of that for the first action came bastion point, hard on the heels of Bastion Point was the kaupapa at Raglan for the golf course.”

Cyril Chapman carried the flag from Te Hapua.  He believes Māori today face bigger challenges.

Chapman says, "Is it truly the words of our ancestors who said not one more acre. You know, where are we now?  I know that thousands of acres of land have been lost since then through legislation and through rates and lots of other means so it's a time to reflect and time to think about, okay, what are our strategies ahead?"

This renowned elder says the government continues to trample on the Treaty of Waitangi.

Titewhai says, "Now they gone away and signed the TPPA another agreement that's not only going to do away with our Treaty rights, it's going to do away with us as Māori.  We need to wake up and stand up and get back on the road and make our feelings heard and seen to be heard."

She says Māori should continue to fight for their rights.