Calls arise for the banning of legal highs

By Heeni Brown

Members of Parliament and local residents alike met today to discuss the devastating impacts of the sale and, furthermore, consumption of legal highs in our community.

Shane White says that “there hasn't been any real answers to the questions, how do we do this?”

And while there are around a total of fifteen stores in the district that are selling legal highs, one Member of Parliament remains resolute and says it should not be banned.

According to Iain Lees-Galloway “We can go back to banning it and act like it ain’t there or we can actually tackle the issues behind drug use and drug abuse and that means appropriately funding our treatment providers asking the question why do people abuse drugs what are the drivers behind that."

However, there has also been a lot of ruckus from the other side of the argument in saying that drug behaviour should not be accepted in any way, shape, or form in our society.

Shane White again reiterates the fact that it needs to be abolished, the law is in agreeance, the Government are in agreeance.

And while the next steps are not in any way certain, these people are adamant of the fact that "whānau can't cope with legal dope".