Calls for Roger Pikia to stand down whilst SFO investigates

Maanu Paul is urging Roger Pikia to stand down from his various iwi boards that he currently sits on while he is under investigation. This is the Māori Council co-chair's advice to the chair of the Tahu-Whāoa iwi board.

Maanu Paul is calling for Roger Pikia to step down from his various tribal roles while he is being investigated.

“Roger should stand down immediately,” says Paul

The Serious Fraud Office has confirmed it is investigating Roger Pikia, chair of Ngāti Tahu Whaoa, Te Arawa River Iwi Trust and the Waikato River Autority. But would not release details relating to the investigation.

Paul says, “The boards should be seeking external commissioners to carry out his duties until the serious fraud investigation had run its course.”

Pikia has been in the spotlight on various occasions for his spending of tribal and trust funds. Including funding trips to the Ladies and gentlemen's club in Tonga. Paul says it's a temptation many of those in high ranking positions face. 

Paul says, “The situation is as bad as cancer.”

Tarit Deputy Chair, Eru George would not comment until after the board met tomorrow. Pikia declined to comment until the investigation comes to an end.