Calls for tougher security after Otahuhu College arrests

Parents of students at Otahuhu College are calling for tougher security measures at the school following the arrest of three offenders who drove on to school grounds after failing to stop for police in Mangere.

One of the offenders was found hiding in a school hallway.

Otahuhu College spent three hours on lockdown during the incident.

"The cops came in with their guns and checking all the rooms," according to one student.

Parents received text alerts and news spread quickly about the incident unfolding at the school where a thousand students were told to wait in silence for the all clear.

The mother of a Year 11 student told Te Kāea, "I'm really worried and I got a text from the school saying the school was on lockdown and that the police were here".

Parents and members of the public waited anxiously on the streets while police restricted access in and out of the college.

Police later confirmed that three men had been arrested after a suspicious vehicle was spotted and failed to stop for Police in Mangere.

Counties Manukau Inspector, Matt Srhoj said, "The vehicle was observed by police eagle helicopter to approach Otahuhu College at around 9.30am where three offenders were seen to enter the premise.  Two offenders were quickly apprehended however a third offender remained outstanding for a period.  He was found hiding in a hallway at the school".

Some disgruntled parents said the carpark should be better monitored so that people fleeing from police can't enter the grounds.

However, Principal Neil Watson turned down suggestions to restrict car access through the school gates.