Cameron's wife looks forward to more fancy footwork from her husband

The nail biting days are back for Shane Cameron’s wife, Tara Cameron following his decision to participate in the new season of ‘Dancing with the Stars NZ.’

Tara shared a post on Facebook this morning saying, “Can Shane dance?  No.  Although he did, "drop it like it's hot" during the First Dance at our wedding.

“So whether Shane makes it to the finals or gets eliminated after the first round, I couldn't be prouder. I guess the nail-biting days are back,” says Tara.

37-year-old Cameron aka "The Mountain Warrior" will be paired up with dance choreographer Nadia Cortese to take the spotlight in the upcoming show. 

Tara says that one of Cameron’s biggest challenges would be remembering his dance routines as his memory isn’t the greatest. He will practice 2 hours a day ahead of the show which has slowly crept into the whānau household.

“He’s been practising some of his dance moves in the kitchen too,” says Tara.

Now that Cameron has hung up his gloves, only time will tell whether the former boxer can use his shifty boxing footwork on the dance floor.