Carrington prepares for first big comp of 2019

By Te Ao - Māori News

She's one of New Zealand's most decorated athletes and has received multiple medals throughout the years.

In recent weeks Lisa Carrington also received her third Halberg Award for Sportswoman of the Year, but her focus is now on the Canoe Sprint World Cup in Poland in May. 

It doesn't matter what the conditions are like at her main training area of Lake Pupuke, she still sets out to train every morning. 

"I get to travel the world and go and do things that really scare me which makes me want to prepare, like getting up every morning because that's what it takes."

The two-time Olympic gold medalist has proved to the world that she's the queen of the water. Carrington continues to strive to be the best paddler she can be. 

"I guess I have a bigger goal to be a good paddler and to go to the Olympics. I enjoy what paddling gives to me so the fact that I can learn and grow as a person as an athlete is why I get out here and do it."

In preparation for her first biggest event of 2019, the World Cup, Carrington will test the Australian waters for two weeks. 

"We head to the Sunshine Coast. They have an incredible river there that goes for forever so we can get in some good mileage, get in some good training and just to have an environment which is just focused on paddling because when we're home we're quite busy, so it's nice to go away and do that."

Carrington wins gold at the ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships in Portugal last August. 

Carrington says the World Cup will be a good test to see how well she's trained over the past few months. Come next month, she'll be up against some of the world's best, including her biggest competition, Hungary. 

"It's not so much the mindset, it's probably the expectation and what it means so the world cup to just try probably more around the learning basis, so going in and practising, race strategy or just remembering what it's like to race again internationally."

With the Tokyo Olympics just over a year away, the 30-year-old is relaxed about whether or not this will be her last. 

"I'm pretty open to whatever comes my way, whether I decide to stop or whether I decide to continue. I'm not really sure."

Whatever the decision, we're sure to see her shine on the international stage.