Celebration of 200 years of Māori trade in Sydney

By Ripeka Timutimu

2000 people have turned out to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Māori trade in Parramatta.

Ngāpuhi chief, Ruatara saddled up with Anglican Reverend, Samuel Marsden in 1814, giving birth to trade and the Anglican Church in NZ.

Māori forged a relationship with the aboriginal people, which still exists today, but historian Hone Sadler says it's the relationship with Anglican Samuel Marsden that Māori really benefited from.

“They came for a number of reasons and experiences, aside from the scriptures, there was also new agriculture techniques they could learn and take back home with them to use and grow the different types of food they were growing here”, says Mr Sadler.

With celebration underway, organiser Chris Barber says despite the hard work to run the festival, it's only right to celebrate this momentous occasion.

There is no doubt that the Māori relationship will continue for another century, all in search for a better life in Australia.