Chairman of Te Matarau Trust tenders for increased trades funding in Northland

By Raniera Harrison

The chairman of Te Matarau Education Trust has today ordered $1m of extra Government funding to sustain the Whangarei-based trades training scheme.

This comes after the Government announced in October a $1 billion fund for regional development.

The toys of Northland's top carpentry students on display today. However, one education trust is feeling the bite.

Chairman of Te Matarau Education Trust, Pita Tipene says, “The amount of annual funding coming in to the North needs to be more.”

The chairman of Te Matarau Education Trust, Pita Tipene is calling for more Government funding.

“Currently, there is $400,000 of annual funding. If there was at least $1 million for the initiative - that would allow more employment opportunities for those at home.”

Last October, newly announced Minister of Regional Development, Shane Jones announced a new regional development fund of $1 billion.

Huhana Lyndon, CEO of Te Matarau Education Trust says, “From $1 million, we would be able to consolidate the employment for the personnel to be able to positively affect our students.”

Annually, Te Matarau Education Trust awards in excess of 140 scholarships over seven programmes delivered through NorthTec and Taratahi providers.

Lyndon says, “Approximately 60% of students gain employment and head in to their community to work with their people.”

The chairman of Te Matarau Education Trust plans to make his plea when Government ministers visit Waitangi next month.

“To direct funding to those working at the heart of our communities - that is paramount,” says Tipene.

The Te Matarau Education Trust programmes will be launched on the 14th February at Ōtiria Marae in Moerewa.