'Chance To Ignite' infuses theatre and martial arts

By Te Ao Māori News

Seven young empowered female artists are ready to take their show to the stage next week.  The all-female cast of Chance To Ignite has infused elements of martial arts in the show to tell their personal experiences.

Chance To Ignite is an opportunity for the young women to show their personal experiences through dance.

Scotty Cotter, “Some about kindness, speaking words of kindness, other ones about finding their spark. So trying to find that and being ok with not knowing what their spark is.”

Akinehi Munroe has made her professional debut with Chance To Ignite. Her previous experience has been in school productions and a small role in Blackfriars' 'Macbeth'.

She says, “I loved it like so much, I loved it, I knew I would love it and so Sam Scott, she was the person who took the workshop, she asked me. Hey like come along would you like to audition for the next emerging artist show and I said, like sure, I went along and auditioned and now here I am in the show.”

The show is led by a cast of seven empowered young women aged from 16-25.

Munroe says, “they found all the stories and stuff they wanted to bring back and then all the stories they shared they wrote about they found on the floor they explored physically.”

Chance To Ignite will perform at Q Theatre in Auckland from July 25-29 and from August 2-5 at the Mangere Arts Centre.