Changes see 20% of ANZ Premiership and Silver Ferns retainers frozen

By Taroi Black

Netball New Zealand, ANZ Premiership Teams and the New Zealand Netball Players Association have agreed to a range of salary freezes and conditions that apply to Silver Fern squad members and ANZ Premiership players.

The agreed changes see 20% of ANZ Premiership and Silver Ferns retainers frozen until 7 May to ease the pressure on organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic, which was agreed in principle from 10 April, 2020. 

Netball NZ High Performance Manager Keir Hansen said players had been hugely supportive of their teams and organisations in the midst of an extremely tough financial situation.

“Netball, along with all other sports and businesses are feeling the effects of COVID-19 and while this salary freeze for anyone is challenging this will go a long way in helping secure the ongoing viability of teams,” he says.

NZNPA representative Steph Bond said the country’s elite players are fully aware of the current landscape and have been extremely supportive of sustaining the future of the sport.

“Players understand that they play an important role in ensuring the long-term future of the sport including its financial viability. We remain committed to working with stakeholders to ensure our sport survives and getting back to the court when the opportunity presents itself," she says.

Netball NZ, Teams and NZNPA are now in planning for the back end of the year to develop playing options that will influence what happens for players beyond 7 May.