Churches have mixed feelings over Level 2 restrictions

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

There are mixed feelings over the Government's announcement that churches will not be allowed to gather in a group of more than ten when the country moves to Level 2. 

It has the religious community asking how they will invest in the spiritual health of people through the restrictions.

Anglican, Catholic, Mormon, Baptist, no matter the denomination - it’s a 'no' to churches in Level 2. 

Mike Shaw says his initial reaction was hōhā, irritated and seeing that didn't make any sense.

Paul Wihongi says, "It was always about making sure to meet together and that's a big deal because when we come together and we connect back to Atua, he oranga tērā ki a tātou."

Ministers from three different churches say the role of the church in spiritual health is an essential service.

Shaw explains if you believe there's a spiritual side of life than it's essential.

Restaurants and cinemas will re-open under Level 2 but churches are forced to be innovative in their spiritual connection. 

Laurie Anderson says, "I thought it was all doom and gloom till I met Zoom."

While Shaw says some have struggled with Zoom, where they felt being recorded was uncomfortable.

Things are constantly changing but for these ministers their faith remains absolute.