Clean-up starts post weekend floods

By Talisa Kupenga

A clean-up is underway in suburbs across Auckland that bore the brunt of the weekend's wet weather and flooding.

Water has receded in New Lynn where the community is rallying together to manage the aftermath.

"From here it's just about making sure everything is all good with the plumbing and what not, our toilets and sinks, and just trying to deal with this carpet that we've got,” says local employee Geoff Thomas, “It's a bit rank at the moment so that's probably all we can do today."

Thomas was across the road when the wild weather hit; trapping people, swallowing cars, submerging streets and causing a pavement to collapse. Locals are now banding together to try bounce back.

"I've seen the ladies from Bunnings running up and down offering supplies to all the shops,” says Thomas, “I checked in with one of the fellas up there to see if there was anything I could do to help- there's not much I can do because he is waiting for his insurance to come and inspect everything, but everyone has been checking on each other."

Power was restored to nearly 5000 homes across Auckland but on the Clevedon coast road closures and power cuts are on-going. Civil Defence says it's still in 'response mode'.

Head of emergency operations Aaron Davis says, "So we had eighteen in accommodation last night and we've got another two this morning.  We're going back in there to really see what their needs are and help them get back on their feet and see if we need to connect them across to anyone else."

Davis says it is not yet clear how long the recovery phase will take.