Clinton Dearlove to contest Te Tai Tokerau seat

By Dean Nathan

Amongst the celebrations for Matariki, the independent candidate standing for the Tai Tokerau seat is urging voters to give him their candidate vote.

According to Clinton Dearlove, “Yes, I am passionate at the thought of having three voices in Parliament and under MMP if we vote strategically in Te Tai Tokerau we can have three MP's representing us in Parliament, and that's of utmost importance.”

A former candidate for the Mana Party in the South Island, this descendant of Ngāti Pākau says that because koro Kelvin Davis and papa Hone Harawira are very high on their own party lists we can follow this strategy to have an even stronger voice.

With a stalwart of education, Clinton is very passionate about Māori youth. He believes they have the real authority to lead our Māori world into the future.