Co-Leader James Shaw voices priorities

By Taroi Black

New Green Party co-leader James Shaw spoke for the first time at the Green Party AGM in Auckland today.

He spoke about climate change and his wish to have more Māori candidates in the party.

Mr Shaw says, “So one of the things we need to do more of is to ensure that we have more Māori candidates especially in places like South Auckland and in the Māori seats to get really good coverage.”

Jack Tautokai McDonald says, “One of things we are trying to achieve right now is to reduce poverty within our communities, especially child poverty.”

According to UNICEF, in NZ, 22% of children are living in poverty. A child growing up in poverty misses out on things most New Zealanders take for granted such as secure housing, warm clothing, healthy food and educational opportunities.

“If you think about it, child poverty, climate change those are the real priorities.  Can we fix the economy so that it works for all New Zealanders? That's the priority,” says Shaw.

After today's AGM, the party will have a caucus meeting on Tuesday.