Coalition talks continue as the country waits patiently

By Heta Gardiner

Right now the NZ First board is meeting to discuss the options on the table for the party, as it considers which of the major parties to go with, Labour or National. This day has been billed as the most important day of these negotiations, but will we get a result?

This is a crucial meeting, yet the most telling comment to the media actually came from Prime Minister Bill English, who said that ministerial posts had not yet been discussed, which means NZ First will need to go back to at least one of the major parties, maybe both, to have those discussions.

This has been pegged as the meeting to decide it all but it's looking like there are more meetings to come which means, no decision tonight and perhaps no decision tomorrow either.

Nothing of substance came from Winston Peters today. He snuck into his office avoiding the media and the same with his board.

When approached at the airport for comment, he didn't give anything away and the request from the press gallery for and update this afternoon was to no avail.

So the media and by extension the country, didn't get a steer as to the nature of their meeting or the timeframe for a decision.

Now the people wait for a decision, it's as easy as that. But with NZ First needing to re-engage with one or both major parties about ministerial position, it will extend the timeframe.

They talked policy for a week, so if ministerial positions extends that long or close to it, me might not have a decision until the end of the week or perhaps even next week