Collective unhappy with Kōhanga Reo hui outcome

After being able to take time to digest what was discussed at the Kōhanga Reo hui in the weekend Te Kotahitanga o Mataatua Tauranga Moana are not happy with some of the outcomes.

Te Kotahitanga o Mataatua Tauranga Moana believe that the board have misrepresented some of the outcomes of the hui especially when they say the crown should not interfere in the affair of the Kōhanga Reo, as they believe this was not aq unanimous opinion of everyone at the meeting.

In the weekend a working party was established and Te Kotahitanga o Mataatua Tauranga Moana where pleased that the Board made it clear that 90% of those present were against all the four proposed governance models.

According to Loraine Hale, “At the end of it, the outcome was the outcome following the meeting, before the board and the King, what we want is for the power of the concept to be returned to the families.”