Comm Games protest over historical grievances


A group of Aboriginal protesters gathered to oppose the Commonwealth Games outside Carrara Stadium last night, prior to the opening ceremony.

Around 50 protesters were blockaded by police as they chanted while holding banners and the Aboriginal flag. 

Māori Television was among the protesters and one of them told us that the reason for their protest is the lands that were stolen by the Commonwealth and their ancestors who were killed as a result.

One protester said, "This is our truth and our story about how we were invaded 230 years ago. We've never ever ceded our sovereignty. I'm a proud Aboriginal woman for my country and there's no white man who can say we sold them our land, even to this day. There's no state that the federal government can't even say that and that's their problem with all of this. They tell us to get a job, I tell them, get a country." 

Commonwealth Games Minister Kate Jones was contacted about the issue but she is yet to respond.