Compton Pikari leads the field

Jordan Golding was the winner of last year's championship and so far is playing some good golf. 

It proved to be a slight struggle for Golding on the seventh hole however he still managed to sink the ball.

The 77th National Māori Golf Championships began on Monday and today is the first round of match play.  So far the NZ Open player Compton Pikari is leading a field of 16.  

According to Compton, “I played really good in the first two rounds.  I left a couple of shots out there, but I'm pretty happy with how I'm playing.”

From the top 16 players of the tournament, we'll see who will make the finals when they play out this Friday.  

Some golfers are hopeful that with the positive turnout and support the competition has had will help grow the sport of Māori golf.