Concerns over youth using social media to organise crime

By Mānia Clarke-Mamanu

Police are concerned by the growing trend of organised fights by young people on social media.  The response follows a youth brawl last night in Manurewa.

Ugly behaviour between high school girls was caught on camera and posted on facebook.

Inspector Julia Lynch says, “We've got young people that are actually getting on to social media, and they're connecting, they're organising different crimes.”

The incident involved around 50 students from Manurewa High School which took place at a nearby carpark.  Manurewa High's Deputy Principal says those involved will face serious consequences including suspension.

Pete Jones says, “There's processes within the school, so they'll be referred to the board of trustees and they will make a decision as to what the specific consequences are for individual students.”

When police attended the incident, reinforcement was called in because the situation got out of hand.  Police have concerns for the growing use of organised crime through social media.

Inspector Lynch says, “They're organising different crimes, they're looking at stealing cars, doing ram raids, aggravated robberies, and obviously organised fighting as well.”

Locals are also concerned.  In the last two months, two students were charged with assault for their part in a scuffle involving 60 students at Ōrākei Train Station last month.

Police are still investigating the incident and as a result, one person has been referred to Youth Aide.  No one was injured during the incident.