Concerns raised for NGO's ahead of Budget 2015

Labour’s Finance spokesperson has expressed concern for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO's) ahead of the announcement of Budget 2015 this week.

Grant Robertson says, “confusing signals are being sent by the Government to service providers with changing and complex funding arrangements. This is set to get worse in the Budget this week, with indications from Bill English that more will be expected of NGOs in managing and delivering programmes.”

Robertson says one of the providers facing uncertainty is Relationships Aotearoa which provides support and counselling to families, individuals and survivors of domestic violence.

He believes this organisation as well as others have been seriously underfunded and will have to shut its doors without any intervention from the National Government and says thousands of vulnerable people and families rely on Relationships Aotearoa for critical services.

“Organisations such as Relationships Aotearoa do a great job, but ultimately the Government is accountable for the quality of services and for providing sufficient funding to keep them going. The demise of Relationships Aotearoa is clear evidence of the risks Bill English is running by undertaking his ideological experiment on our most vulnerable.”