Conflict of interest argued for lawyer and maunga authority chair

By Tumamao Harawira

Tupuna Maunga Authority chair Paul Majurey has been challenged over his role as a lawyer for Transtasman Resources in Taranaki while fighting for conservation of areas in his own backyard in Auckland.

Joe Pihema of Ngāti Whātua has challenged Majurey to stand down over this perceived conflict of interest, saying "This flies in the face of everything Māori stand for. You can’t claim to be pro-kaupapa Māori in one region, and pro-big business in another."

Majurey was unavailable for comment.

But Tupuna Maunga Authority of Auckland deputy chair Alf Filipaina, said while he wouldn’t comment on issues outside of the authority’s purview, he had complete respect for Majurey in his role as chair.

The New Zealand Law Society was asked if there was a conflict of interest on Majurey’s two roles but it declined to comment.