Continuation of Whānau Ora not guaranteed under Labour led Government

By Maiki Sherman

The Labour Party won't guarantee the continuation of Whānau Ora if it becomes Government.

Labour says it wants to conduct a review first and only thereafter will they know what the future holds. 

As Labour promotes its policies to voters, they're still undecided whether to support the Whānau Ora policy if they become Government.     

Nanaia Mahuta says, "Whānau Ora is one initiative, yes, but there are many other initiatives to help strengthen our families to improve their lives."  

She also says Whānau Ora is no silver bullet and it will be reviewed under Labour.

This is a statement which has angered Whānau Ora Minister, Tariana Turia.

Turia says "I can't see why Labour would want to not continue it other than the fact that when I was with Labour and we are talking probably a good 14 years ago when Whānau Ora was first talked about, that they wouldn't take it up then."

It seems the debate is personal for this formal MP

"In the past they haven't wanted to act in the interests of our people, only if it suited their purposes and so, again, they are doing it."

However, Labour leader David Cunliffe says  "What we want to make sure is that it's well run and well governed and that the tax payer's dollars are all well spent to get the maximum value out of it for all our whanau." 

One of Labour's concerns is the lack of involvement by some Government departments with Whānau Ora.

No matter how it plays out, one thing's for sure - this will be a heavily debated issue on the campaign trail to the elections.