Cool Meditation - Reggae opening act for Raggamuffin 2016

By Kimiora Kaire-Melbourne

Whanganui based reggae band “Cool Meditation” are one of the winners from the Raggamuffin Talent Search Final who secured their spot as an opening act at Raggamuffin 2016.

Lead singer Rodney Te Tawhero says their manager saw the advert for the competition on Facebook and the rest is history.

“Its been a magical journey. Everything has happened so fast for us. We’re all just buzzing at the moment and we’re just gonna ride the wave out,” says Te Tawhero.

As well as getting the opportunity to perform alongside internationally renowned artist such as UB40, The Game, and Macy Gray, the competition helped the band to form relationships with other competing artists.

“We’re looking forward to seeing everyone. Can’t wait to see ReZist either because they won the urban section of the Raggamuffin talent search competition so be good to see the bros again too.”

The band have arrived in Auckland and now it's full steam ahead.

“We’ve got rehersal at around seven o’clock tonight, then we’ve got the artists party tonight in town. We’re just gonna relax before our performance tomorrow. We’re first up. We perform for fifteen to twenty minutes.”

People attending Raggamuffin can expect a high energy performance from Cool Meditation.

“Our stage presences is different, we’re a pretty energetic bunch. Our vocals are pretty tight, real roots music. We’re just ready to rock it!”

Te Tawhero says their supporters always help them to perform at their best.

“Theres a few family members coming up today with the band. There is a couple of van loads. It's always cool to have our staunch supporters who come to most gigs. Always good to see familiar faces.”

And of course, Cool Meditation are excited to have the opportunity to perform along side some of their idols.

“I want to watch UB40 and Inner Circle. They’re reggae legends and I grew up on their music. I’ve never seen Inner Circle before but I’d love to see them, love to meet them.”

But this isn’t the last we’ll see of the roots reggae band, who have their sights set on bigger things in the near future.

“We’ve already released two singles called Love and Thinking of you, those are on Facebook, YouTube and Spotify. And we just released one on Saturday gone on our Road to Raggamuffin gig in Whanganui and thats called Thank Jah.

“Straight after Raggamuffin we’re going straight in to the studio and pushing to get our album out by the first of May in time for New Zealand Music Month. We’ve got a lot of mahi ahead of us. We’ve also set ourselves a major goal to play at One Love next year so we’re just going to keep striving and pushing and stay focussed.”

Cool Meditation will take the Raggamuffin stage at 10.50am on February 19.

For more information on the band and where they will be performing next, head to their Facebook page here.