Corey Webster prepares for 200th NBL game

By Mare Haimona-Riki

Corey Webster will be playing in his 200th game for the NZ Breakers as they prepare to take on the Sydney Kings in Australia tomorrow night. He will be accompanied by new American import RJ Hampton who will be playing in his very first regular season contest. 

Only 30 years old, the Auckland raised shooting guard is already considered a veteran.

“It's just another season for me but I gotta be proud of myself. It's a pretty big milestone. I read that only [sic] other Breakers have done that so I’m in good company with those guys,” says Webster.

Having a handful of games in the pre-season, two of them being against NBA teams, the NZ side hope that experience as a segue way in to what hopes to be a successful season.

“It was just another great opportunity for us to go against some of the best players in the world, to play in the NBA environment and all those other things, and I’m proud of the boys with how we competed against those teams,” says Webster. 

200th game for Webster but its only game number one (regular season) for 18-year-old RJ Hampton.

“I just wanna do anything I’m really asked, and do things on both ends and get my teammates involved. I just wanna win,” says the American import. 

When asked the question, “How many seasons do you think you have left in the legs?”

Webster replied, “Oh, I don’t know. Ten!”