Corey Webster suspended for one match following alleged assault

By Rahia Timutimu

New Zealand Breakers player Corey Webster has been suspended for one game, effective immediately, after a night out in Auckland on Tuesday night.

The incident happened in Takapuna, where he was arrested and charged with minor assault.

As a consequence, Corey has a court appearance set for next week. 

Today the SkyCity Breakers General Manager Dillon Boucher released a statement, saying, “It has been decided that he will be suspended for one game, effective immediately, with Corey to miss this Friday’s clash with the Illawarra Hawks at the North Shore Events Centre. This hurts the team, it hurts us as a club, but most importantly this will hurt Corey and should serve to reinforce the need for all of us to make good decisions in everything we do.

Meantime we will continue to support him and we ask that the media respects his need for privacy at this time as he focuses on a court appearance next week, at which time he will state his side of the story through the appropriate channels.”

Corey hasn’t played much this year, with the return of guard Kirk Penney to the Breakers side.