Coromandel residents desperate for help after storm causes road closures

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

Motorist will be happy to find that State Highway 25A in Coromandel has reopened after a 50meter wide landside blocked both lanes yesterday causing delays for holiday goers.

Coromandel residents are desperate for help after recent heavy rain yesterday brought flooding and road closures.

Rebecca Clayton says, "I don't know really what they can do but I wish they could do something."

Yesterday's storm is the fourth time severe rain and flooding has caused road closures this year, causing havoc for locals.

Residents are finding it hard to get get to work making it hard to pay bills and rent.

The lastest NZTA updates show the slip at Ruamahunga is quite sizeable. Some clearance work is underway, however, further assessment is required before any estimate of a time-frame to safely reopen one lane of the highway is possible.

Businesses are directly affected, making it hard for the smaller communities. 

"It's really quiet for all of us. There's not many customers around, it affects us. this weather too," says Clayton.

The NZTA have said that an update will be released tomorrow morning once an assessment of the slips is completed.